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The Questions Wives Ask And How To Answer Them

There are a lot of obvious questions that your wife is going to ask you when you start staying out later, when you use the work excuse too many times, and why your take-home pay might be a bit lower because you’re depositing some of that cash into an extra bank account that she doesn’t know about. She’s also going to ask about those online cheater websites that she sees in your browser history in the event you forgot to clean out your computer last night. She might not like your research habits on cheater dating site features from a site like cheaterdatingtactics.com/site/nostringsattached-review/. If you visit a fling hookup site, then don’t forget to clean your browser history. Also, make sure that you have the right answers to all her questions. If not, she’s going to get really suspicious, really fast!

Who Are Those Pictures Of?

“If your wife finds other women’s photos in your phone, she will ask about it”

If you’re not careful, then you’ve forgotten to wipe the pictures of your mistress off of your phone from the last time the two of you were at the beach. There are a couple of ways to play this. If you’re smart (even if you aren’t careful), you’ve taken pictures of a lot of guys at the beach, too, so you can throw the excuse of just being at the beach with a lot of friends. She will probably drop it at that; just make sure you don’t have anything risqu on your phone that will incriminate you even further.

Maybe you weren’t smart, though, and forgot to take pictures of other people other than your drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend. If that’s the case, just be “honest.” Say that you thought she was hot in that bikini, and you wanted a reference of it for later so you could buy it for your wife. Your wife might be a little shocked, but hey, maybe she’ll find it romantic and flattering. If you want to go with this excuse, though, you’re going to need to find out where to buy that bikini and deliver later on. If you don’t, you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

I Got This Bank Statement In The Mail…I Didn’t Know You Had Another Account

“You didn’t tell me about your another bank account”

Maybe you have another bank account that is just for financing your mistress. That’s a great idea in theory, and it definitely keeps away questions about weird charges on the joint account with your wife. Unfortunately, there is always the chance of that mail showing up at your doorstep, and your wife getting to it before you do.

First of all, always make sure that you have a separate post office box set up for any and all mail pertaining to your mistress. If you messed up and it’s going to your house this time, though, then you’re just going to have to cover your butt. A lot of online cheater websites at this point would just tell you to lay down and give up. If you’re smart, though, you can turn this around. Tell her that it was a surprise fund for a vacation that you wanted to take her on in the future. Just make sure you deliver, or else she’s going to be really pissed.

If you don’t want to go that route, tell her it’s a mandatory fund that your work has made you set up for insurance reasons. With the ever-changing health insurance issue in a lot of countries, this excuse will probably fly pretty well, and your wife won’t bat much of an eye…unless you’ve got a few thousand dollars in there, which is just suspicious. At that point, go for the vacation excuse. It’s just smarter, and your mistress is going to have to deal with a few less expensive gifts for a while if she wants to not be found out about.

Can I Go Out With You And Your Friends?

“She will insist you to join you and your office friends”

Finally, you’ve done it. You’ve reached the maximum number of excuses regarding ‘going out with the dudes’ that you can reach. Your wife is annoyed at being left alone so much, and she wants to go out with a pair of her friends while you’re supposedly out at the bar with your guy friends.

The problem is, you aren’t out with your guy friends, obviously. You’re out with your mistress that you might have met on an awesome cheater dating website. Wherever you met her, you’re out with her, and your wife is going to find out…unless you say, sure, honey, let’s do it. Call up the guys and arrange for a night out with them, their wives, and yours. That way, she’s not going to be so suspicious. Just make sure you’ve gone out with them at some point in the past, or else your wife is going to bring it up and your cover is really going to be blown–the exact opposite of what you want!

If you don’t want to go that route, just tell her that she’d be miserable, that they’re a bunch of douchebags–anything to deter her without being over the top and obviously overcompensating. Apologize and say that hey, you don’t want to do it either, but it’s definitely a work thing and she’d just be bored out of her mind. Maybe one of them is a smoker, and you can remind her about that and how much she hates that about him. That’ll keep her out and keep you on track.

Why Don’t We have Sex Anymore?

“If you suddenly stop having sex with her, she will definitely ask for the reason”

Honestly, this is probably the question you should be asking her. You’re the one that needs to go and find another woman in order to make yourself happy, and sex is a large part of that.

But…there’s a good chance that the reason you aren’t having sex with your wife right now is because you’re with your mistress, who is probably younger, and maybe hotter. You weren’t getting what you wanted at home, so now you’re going elsewhere. It’s as simple as that in a lot of cases, and so answering this question can be a little delicate when it comes to finding a proper answer.

You can always tell her that you weren’t getting what you needed without mentioning that you met a new hot woman on a cheater dating website. It might lead to a fun night of sex with your wife if that’s the case, and the two of you might enjoy yourselves. Otherwise, you can blame work, and the fact that you’re always exhausted. It’s not her, it’s you. You’ll try better in the future; she’s still gorgeous and you still love her, you’re just too tired at the end of the day. Whatever you decide to tell her, you have to really sell it, or she’s going to get the impression very quickly that you’ve found someone else that keeps you more than entertained enough.

There are a lot of other questions that your wife can ask you in an attempt to figure out if you’re sleeping around and having an affair. More than likely, she is going to take you really badly off-guard, so you need to have answers to the most obvious questions already prepared in your mind. Run them through your imagination until you are sure you have a believable response already set up in preparation. You don’t want to be caught off-guard and really mess it up!

3 Most Important Things To Remember While Picking A Camera Lens

The lenses are a vital part of your camera

The lenses are a vital part of your camera

The camera lens is the most important part of the camera because it decides the clarity, focal point and sharpness of the image. Many technical factors play an important role while choosing the camera lens. But the choice of the camera kens depends upon the individual requirement too because the different types of lenses would be required for professional photography, personal photography, travel photography etc. A new camera lens helps in upgrading the performance of any camera. That’s why you must be familiar with these lens purchasing tips to get the best one for your requirements.

The lens perspective does matter a lot

The camera lenses come in various perspectives like 24mm, 30mm, 100mm, 500mm etc. A person who isn’t a professional photographer might get confused with this because he won’t be able to understand the difference that these different lenses bring to the photograph. That’s why you must first try lenses of various perspectives. You can borrow the lenses from your friends. You can also go in any photography accessory shop to ask them for a lens trial. Then you should the one which is able to capture the photographs with the kind of closeness, detailing and intimacy that you usually prefer.

Go for big aperture lenses any day

The bigger the aperture the better

The bigger the aperture the better

The aperture of the camera lens is the next most important thing that you should pay attention to. Amongst various camera aperture sizes, you should go for the big aperture lenses. When it comes to lens aperture, then there is only one rule – `the bigger the better’. Big apertures actually help in compensating the poor light availability while clicking the photographs. The bigger the aperture, the more amount of light it would be able to absorb. Also, bigger aperture lenses help in extremely easy background rectification too. When it comes to blurring the unwanted objects of the background, then big aperture lenses perform better. 50f-85f/1.4 is a good choice range for choosing the lens aperture. Sometimes you might need to do a tradeoff between aperture size and lens size.

Pay attention to image stabilization feature

With the right lens, the photograph will be perfect

With the right lens, the photograph will be perfect

Not all but many of the lenses that are available in the market offer quality image stabilization features. You must choose such lenses even for personal photography if you crave for high definition photographs. These types of lenses help a lot during travel photography when photographs are mostly shot on the go. The image stabilization lens will help in negating the effects of slight camera movement or shake while clicking photographs. Many of the best camera brands like Nikon, Sony etc don’t come equipped with inbuilt image stabilization. Therefore, you must rely on the camera lens for the correction or compensation of shake. Such type of lenses will definitely cost a bit more, but they are worth every penny because of their performance.

By following these tips you would surely be able to zero in the perfect lens for you. Even if you’re not very knowledgeable about camera and lens specifications, then also you would be easily able to understand these simple yet effective tips for photographic lens purchase.

New Parents? Here Are The 5 Best Date Night Ideas For You!

There is a newborn at home?  No reason to stop the romance

There is a newborn at home? No reason to stop the romance

You’ve just entered a whole new world. A world filled with diapers, milk bottles, and of course, endless cooing sessions in the middle of the night. It’s new. It’s different. It’s everything at the same time. And while it’s great to be first time parents, you still need to make time for yourselves as a couple—you know, to make sure you don’t end up fighting on whose turn it is to get up and check why the baby’s crying again this time. So here are five of the best, non-fuss date night ideas you can truly enjoy together.

Go Running Together

Beating the odds as a couple include staying healthy together. Instead of going running or jogging alone, or doing your sessions separately, ask your spouse to go with you the next time. You can do it at any part of the day as long as you’re both free. Getting a sitter may not even be that hard to do as you’ll only be gone 1, 2 hours max.

Take Classes Together

Finding new hobbies are good for your health. It’s a great way to destress yourself from everything, which is why it is highly recommended for couples to do something like this to keep things light and fun. Being new parents can be overwhelming at times, and learning new things together is just one of the many ways for you to make sure that you don’t get too caught up with some of the resentments that come with being new mommies and daddies.

Cafe Time

There’s nothing better than sitting down outside a cafe, watching the people go by, and having quiet conversations over coffee. You can talk about anything. Make new plans for your baby, make new adjustments over lifestyle, your observations, musings, anything! We realize you can do this anywhere, even in the comforts of your own home. But doing it somewhere casual, unassuming, can and will make things more light for you. The point is you keep the communication flowing. And that’s always a good thing for couples.

Picnics At Home!

Have a romantic picnic in the backyard

Have a romantic picnic in the backyard

Yes, having a picnic at home can be fun. You don’t even need to have your own yard to do it! You can do it in the living room. Make a simple meal, roll out a blanket in front of the fireplace or on the living room floor right after you’ve put the baby to bed. Just make sure you bring the baby monitor with you!

Do Touristy Stuff

Have a date at the local museum

Have a date at the local museum

Who says you need to get out of town to be a tourist? Be a tourist in your own town! Visit the local museums together, the parks, the local churches, et cetera… Making new memories need not be expensive! Do it! Let’s go!

There are tons of ways to keep the flame alive even as new parents. There’s nothing more beautiful, and you’ll be sure to have fun in each other’s company. Good luck!

Start Early And Stay Healthy

Eating healthy doesn't need to be boring

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring

What you reap is what you sow and what you eat is what you become. These life lessons come in handy while teaching our kids ways to stay healthy. Building healthy eating habits in kids at a young age always go a long way in developing their health. Eating right at an early stage affects their physical and mental growth and development during their formative years. It Build healthy eating habits early have a lasting effect on their impressionable minds helping them maintain these habits as adults and live a healthy and disease free long life.

As parents it is our responsibility to put in the effort to build healthy eating habits early in kids. These include eating the greens, drinking milk for growth of bones, eating plenty of fruits and nuts, moderating colas and candies and avoiding late night binges.

Three ways to teach your kids healthy eating habits are as follows:

1. Watch what you eat

Teach your child to eat healthy by setting the example

Teach your child to eat healthy by setting the example

Kids like to ape their parents. They watch and learn. They often do what you do and not what you ask them to do. Hence if you are binging on unhealthy street food, fried potatoes, colas, candies and late night snacks, do not expect your children to be any different. They are watching you. Even if you are strict with them they may follow your order while you are around but would naturally be tempted to enter the forbidden territory of unhealthy snacking while you are not watching. They may also rebel and do the exact opposite of what you instruct them to do as your actions and not words inspire them as adults.
So practise what you preach and show them how it is done. Alter your wrong eating habits and watch your kids savour their veggies.

2. Presentation is the key

Think like a child when you want them to relish an otherwise boring healthy dish. Make it fun for them to eat their healthy meals like by adding their favourite chocolate flavour to their milk; spreading the fruit jam like on the toast in the form of a smile, making toffee shaped vegetable sandwiches. So put your creative cap on and make eating healthy fun and play and not a boring decree to be carried out by the kids.

3. Reward them with their favourite treats

Completely banning unhealthy food may cause the kids to yearn for it more and in some cases also rebel. Use a reward mechanism to let your children earn these treats. You could treat them on weekly based on their overall conduct, good Samaritan behaviour displayed, eating healthy and getting good grades at school or play.

Make it look good... Your child might find it fun and eat it

Make it look good… Your child might find it fun and eat it

Children by nature are curious and need to know the reason behind everything. If you are patient and can explain the benefits of healthy eating habits they are likely to follow. Building these healthy habits may call for a lot of effort and patience from the parents, but it would help in building their child’s health and immunity and save them the trouble and expense of visiting doctors!

Pay Off Debt Or Invest More – A Million Dollar Question

What would you do with some extra cash

What would you do with some extra cash

The biggest dilemma that the investors who have extra cash flow face is whether to use the spare money to pay down debt or invest more. Coming to a definite conclusion can be a daunting task as many factors may influence your decision. Here are few tips to help you decide conclusively:

Interest earned and interest lost

If you want to decide between paying of your debt or investing more, it is very important to calculate the difference in interest rates between the two. This is a no brainer but the calculations may become complex once you factor the deductions from tax. Secured debts like home mortgage have an advantage that the interest you pay is tax-deductible. However, some investments like 401(K), IRA and retirement saving schemes also have tax advantages. Therefore, calculate the interest lost or the expected interest that can be earned after factoring for tax benefits or accruals.

Future plans of taking loan

Be debt free

Be debt free

If you are planning to take a secured loan in future, then maintaining a healthy credit score is important. Your credit score is better if you hold on to the debt and pay your regular installments on time. Some people do the mistake of believing that they can free their home from debt and later on take home-equity(Loan on home). However, the bank may not give you loan on home later at the time of your need because many other factors like value of home going down or tough market conditions.

Investment options available

Another factor that can influence your decision is the investment options available. If you have not invested in retirement saving schemes yet, then it may be a better idea to diversify your portfolio by investing in such schemes. Similarly, if you already have a lot of participation in safe investment schemes then you can invest your money in high-risk high-return policies. However, this will depend on your risk taking capabilities. If you are conservative in your approach, then paying down debts may be a better decision.

Terms and conditions of loans

Sit with your banker and understand the terms and condition of your loans properly. If it is a new loan then most probably, the maximum part of your regular installment is going towards the interest amount and not the principal amount. Similarly, if it is an old loan then the maximum part may have started to go towards the principal amount and it may be a better decision to leverage on your loan by holding it and investing to buy more assets. Lastly, also calculate the prepayment charges that some bank may charge you for repaying the loan before the stipulated time.

You must understand the terms and condition of your loans

You must understand the terms and condition of your loans

Apart from these factors, your age, future plans and expected market conditions may also play a very important role in taking the final decision. Lastly, do not forget your peace of mind. You do not want to invest too much with high amount of debt on your shoulders and then spend sleepless nights especially in rough market conditions. You can also go forward by allocating funds to both the places in a ratio suitable to your need and liking.

Paying Student Loan Faster – A Getaway To Financial Relief

After graduation you need to work to pay your loan

After graduation you need to work to pay your loan

Many graduates leave college with two major things- a degree or diploma and a large student loan bill. The latter therefore becomes a liability that ought to be settled faster. And currently in United States, many people are in this situation; many are making progress, some are struggling while others are getting by. But how do you pay off your student loan really fast? Here are the 3 ways to pay off your student loans faster:

Reduce interest rates

You need to reduce the interest rates of your student loan

You need to reduce the interest rates of your student loan

Many student lenders (including the Department of Education) have discounts for people setting up direct deposits. The department of education which is the lender for all federal student loans has emerged as a strong platform to allow students settle loans faster through a discount of about 0.25% for those who are keen set up direct deposits. Many lenders prefer this mode of deposit at it reflects on the graduate’s commitment towards settling loans as well as increasing the graduate’s likelihood of making on-time payments. Although the percentage discount is often viewed in some quarters as one that offers limited re-payment options, it can potentially knock off a chunk of cumulative interest over the years. This is so and especially those owning the lenders large debts.

Earning more income to inject towards your loan

It can be hard to settle a large bill if you don’t have additional income. Therefore, you can try to extend a drop quote towards your employment status by doing side jobs. This will enable you to sustain livelihood while at the same time meeting your loan concerns. Therefore, if you are lucky to make maximum use of your abilities, you can definitely find some side jobs that will add to your efforts of clearing a nagging college loan. Alternatively to suit such purposes, try to extend on the level of your income. Multitasking and freelancing after work can be overwhelmingly daunting, but nevertheless, equally awarding towards settling student loans faster.

Making frequently bigger payments

This sounds obvious but it is a daunting undertaking. Many graduates will not imagine sacrificing on the comfort of their salaries in the name of paying loans. Nonetheless, student loan lenders are often satisfied with whatever you pay, as long as it is above the stipulated monthly payment (after a review of the payslip). You can absorb the pain of surviving on a pressing budget during your very first years of employment so as to save the comfort of the future- which is many times worth every bit of your income. However before doing this, it is advisable to leverage the services of a financial advisor as they can help you determine what to pay with regard to your financial need and status.

Payment of a student loan

Remember, it´s important to make the payments of your student loan

Remember, it´s important to make the payments of your student loan

You will always throw the reminders in a garbage kit or even in the Cuisinart, but none of this will clear off the debt. Therefore, the only proven and sure way to clear off the student loan debt faster would be to remain committed towards repayment. Many times, some financial reliefs and grants will come your way, either during or before employment, and this is another way to settle the bill.